East Ohio Regional Hospital is proud to offer cardiac care to the community of the Ohio Valley through cardiac testing and rehabilitation services.

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Cardiac Rehabilitation is a comprehensive, outpatient program designed to restore physical, psychological and social function to an optimal state of health. Your uniquely designed program uses supervised exercise and health education to improve heart function, increase strength and energy, perform normal daily activities with ease and improve quality of life. Our professional staff will slowly guide you through the steps to reach a level appropriate for you. Your individualized program is typically three, one-hour sessions per week for twelve weeks. Our rehabilitation programs assist clients with:

  • Angina

  • Post M.I. (Heart Attacks)

  • Post Coronary Bypass Surgery

  • Post Angioplasty Procedures

  • Post Coronary Artery Stent Placement

  • Valve Repair or Replacement

  • Heart Transplants


At EORH, we provide coordinated care to make your experience comfortable. We will schedule your test and report your results to your primary care physician. Most tests are completed on the same day. Once completed, the test is read by a team of specially trained radiologists and physicians. We care for our patients AND their cardiologists. We have a highly qualified team of ACLS certified registered nurses and certified nuclear medicine technologists. Our cardiac testing staff is specifically certified to perform cardiac testing procedures including:

  • Electrocardiography / EKG

  • Adult Echocardiography

  • Cardiac Doppler

  • Color Flow Doppler

  • Exercise Stress Echocardiography

  • Exercise Stress Testing

  • Nuclear Stress Testing

  • Holter Monitoring

  • 30 Day Event Monitoring